Sunday, 24 August 2014

What is Focus T25 Workout Program?

Focus T25 Workout Program:

Do you want a healthy, toned and sexy body? What if you only had to work out for 25 minutes a day to get fantastic results? The Focus T25 Workout Program can help you drop pounds quickly and create the body you've always wanted. Shaun T, the creator of the Insanity workout, has the launched the Focus T25 workout program. Don't want to go to the gym? You don't have to! 25 minutes a day, a DVD player and the motivation to get healthy, can transform your body and your life.

Long workouts don't always deliver the best results. Extensive research has shown that the first half hour of exercise is as effective in burning fat than workouts that last an hour or longer. You can work out for 25 minutes, and get an hour's worth of fat burning and toning results. 

The key is staying within the optimal fat burning zone, and Shaun T has perfected this technique. Work every muscle in your body with focused interval training, and in 25 minutes you are done. It's a short and very intense workout, but then it is over. You have no excuses and get fast results. A full bodied workout in 25 minutes? Yes, it is possible. Stop wasting your time at the gym, and get the Focus T25 program today.

Don't have time to work out? That's the number one excuse used to not get in shape. There is no need to go to the gym. Just pop the DVD in, push that coffee table to the side and get moving. After 10 minutes you will be dripping sweat, and in 25 minutes you will be done. No breaks, just hard work and results. 

The transformation of your body starts with a plan designed by Shaun T, called the Alpha Cycle. This is the foundation of your workouts.

Cardio: 25 minutes of movement and sweat, and you will burn calories and drop those unwanted pounds.

Speed 1.0: Encourage the speed demon inside of you. Burn that fat and get quick results.

Total Body Circuit: Focus on both upper and lower body areas, with these strength building exercises.

Ab Intervals:  Get those abs of steel and build that core.

Lower Focus: Build lean, ripped muscular legs with these workouts.

The second phase of Focus T25 is the Beta Cycle. This is where you take it your fitness to the next level.

Core Cardio: This cardio session is more intense and grueling then the first, with compound movements and exercises.

Speed 2.0: Increased speed movements and exercises to help burn those calories and ignite the fat burning.

Rip't Circuit: Intense upper body, legs and abs workouts using weights or resistance bands to start sculpting that body.

Dynamic Core: Work that core to the bone. This intensive core routine will leave your mid section ripped and fabulous.

Upper Focus: Using weights or resistance bands again in these exercises will build those shoulders, chest and arms
to get you that upper body you have always wanted. 

It’s all about focus and Shaun T will help you get to the promise land. Shaun T's motivating techniques will help get you through these high intensity workouts and give you instant results. This product is selling very fast. In fact, they have sold out of the Focus T25 workout program 3 times. Are you ready to get it done? Stop thinking about doing it and get the Focus T25 workout program.

Shaun T is so confident you will be satisfied, he is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. This workout will push you hard, harder than you have every worked before, but it is worth it. Are you tired of spending an hour on the elliptical or treadmill and lifting weights with no results? Get the Focus T25 Workout Program and begin your fitness transformation today. 


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why the Focus T25 Meal Plan works?

T25 Meal Plan

The T25 Meal Plan is a nutrition guide developed by Beachbody to complement the T25 workout program. This meal plan is structured to help you replenish and fuel your body by eating the right types and amounts of food each day. The meals suggested in the plan are also readily available and affordable to ensure you sustain eating these types of foods for the duration of the program or for as long as you can. One important advantage of this meal plan by is the fact that the recipes provided are quick and simple to prepare and guarantee you a well-balanced nutrition quickly.

The T25 Meal Plan consists of the following:

·       Overview / The 4-Step Calorie Quiz. This provides a description of various health and nutrition aspects to expect of the plan. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to understand your nutrition needs through the quiz.

·       Suggested Calories Per Meal. These are the defined calories per meal that you should be consuming on a daily basis.

·       Want More Customization? Here, the meal plan helps you to choose which plan to follow if you’re trying to lose a lot of weight versus trying to shed a couple pounds.

·       Nutrition Troubleshooting. Helps you to customize which foods you should be consuming if you’re still feeling hungry throughout the day. Ex. More protein or more Carbohydrates to implement.

·       25 “Keep it Real” foods. T25 Meal Plan provides a variety of natural foods that are nutritious, delicious and affordable that will keep you healthy due to their great natural nutrients.

·       Recipes. This is the final item in the plan and consists of well-structured and easy to try recipes. 25 Recipes, 5 Ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare. Each recipe equals 1,200 calories.

Achieving your goals:

Just like every other program, achieving your meal plan goals involves a number of aspects. In this context, the first aspect involves understanding yourself and what the body needs. T25 Meal Plan provides a number of questions to guide you i.e. what is your gender, weight and activity level? Answering these questions correctly helps you to know whether you should eat the 1,200-calorie level or the 1,600-calorie level (The 4-Step Quiz) On the other hand, counting the calories in your foods should not be the only goal since there are a variety of nutrients you need found in different foods. Use the meal plan as a guide to assist you and give you ideas. Finally, you should plan your meals ahead of time to help you stay on track.



The T25 Meal Plan was created by Beachbody to help enhance a healthy and well maintained body for the T25 workout program. It also aims at boosting the body metabolism by ensuring continuous digestion of food. This is achieved by eating small portions of food 5 times a day: Breakfast, Snack #1, Lunch, Snack #2 and Dinner. By doing this, you will stay full longer, helping you to consume less at each meal, consuming less calories. So skipping a meal is not recommended and does not guarantee for better T25 results.

25 easy to prepare recipes, 25 nutritious  foods to eat, a guide to help supplement if you should be consuming more protein or carbs and Beachbodys online resources available to you anytime is a sure guarantee for your weight loss and fitness success.